Professional wildlife and landscape artist

  • ‘Evening Sun, Christchurch Quay’ (Original Acrylic)   Buy ›
  • ‘Christchurch Town Quay’ (Original Oil)   Buy ›
  • ‘Untamed’ (Original Acrylic (Impasto))   Buy ›
  • ‘Summer Evening - Christchurch Priory’ (Original Acrylic Impasto)   Buy ›
  • ‘Historic Christchurch’ (Original Oil)   Buy ›
  • ‘Solitude’ (Original Oil)   Buy ›
  • ‘Seascape’ (Original Oil)   Buy ›
  • ‘Elephants on the March’ (Original Oil)   Buy ›
  • ‘Rhino Charge - Zambia’ (Original Oil)   Buy ›
  • ‘Mussels, Limpets & Barnacles’ (Original Acrylic (Impasto Style))   Buy ›
  • ‘Sea Foam’ (Original Acrylic (Impasto Style) NOW SOLD!)   Buy ›
  • ‘Lanzarote Landscape’ (Original Acrylic (Impasto Style))   Buy ›
  • ‘Geoff Giraffe’ (Original Oil)   Buy ›
  • ‘Shadowy Nightfall’ (Original Oil)   Buy ›

IT IS WITH GREAT SADNESS AND A HEAVY HEART TO SAY THAT MY WIFE, MRS CHERIE WHEATCROFT-JENNS. PASSED AWAY ON 29TH JUNE 2023. Please see the news page for further information. In the meantime, I know that she would want you to enjoy her work….

Welcome to Cherie’s website.

I hope you will share her passion for landscape, seascape and wildlife painting.


Painting on a London Bus at the Mudeford Arts Festival, Dorset!


Her latest original acrylics on canvas, ‘Evening Sun, Christchurch Quay’  & ‘Sea Daisies are now available to see and purchase in the online shop!

 Please order at my online shop on this site or contact [email protected]







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